"Education in Belarus-2021"
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Dear exhibition visitors!
We are glad to welcome you to our exhibition!
You will be able to get acquainted with the educational potential of higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus, choose a bachelor's, master's or postgraduate program, refresher courses, summer and winter schools, Russian language courses, as well as personally communicate with representatives of universities, get individual advice on the conditions of admission, training and stay in the Republic of Belarus with specialists from the Center for International Relations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

The Centre for International Relations is the conductor of the policy of the Ministry of Education in the development of international cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with foreign countries in the field of education.

The main activities of the Centre are:
  • Implementation of programs and projects in the field of education aimed at developing international cooperation with foreign educational institutions and organizations with the aim of integrating the national education system into the European and world educational space, creating conditions for the export of educational services of Belarusian universities to foreign countries;
  • Organization and holding of international seminars and educational trainings, organization of visits to international specialized exhibitions, fairs, congresses.
    The Information and Consulting Center on the Training of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Belarus (ICC) was created within the structure of the Center for International Relations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus in order to organize consulting work to increase the awareness of Belarusian education abroad, coordinate work with consulting (recruiting) foreign organizations specializing in activities aimed at sending their citizens to study in foreign educational institutions.

    The main functions of the ICC are:
    1. Consulting foreign citizens on education and stay in the Republic of Belarus;
    2. Implementation of activities for the general coordination and organization of participation of educational institutions in exhibitions, presentation and other events in the Republic of Belarus and abroad in order to attract foreign citizens to study in Belarusian educational institutions;
    3. Search for reliable foreign partners interested in sending foreign citizens to study in the Republic of Belarus;
    4. Dissemination of information about educational services of Belarusian higher education institutions for foreign citizens;
    5. Providing organizational, methodological and other support for the organization of trips of students from Belarusian educational institutions outside the Republic of Belarus.

    ICC employees can consult foreign citizens directly using websites (http://en.intcenter.by/, https://studyinby.com/en/), social networks, instant messengers and other means available to foreign citizens and organizations.

    In addition, the IKP carries out activities to provide assistance in organizing:

    • transport delivery of arriving applicants to the educational institution from the airport or railway station;
    • booking and buying air and railway tickets for foreign applicants and students;
    • promotional and informational tours for foreign citizens in order to get acquainted with the activities of educational institutions;
    • professional development programs, internships in cooperation with leading Belarusian educational institutions and organizations.
    Belarussian National Technical University
    Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts
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