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Francisk Skorina Gomel State University is one of the oldest universities in Belarus (year of foundation is 1930) and one of the largest scientific, educational and cultural centers of the republic. The university has a multidisciplinary character: prepares teachers for higher and secondary schools, specialists for research institutions, enterprises and organizations.

More than 70,000 university graduates successfully work in secondary and higher education institutions, scientific institutions. The university has 8 educational and laboratory buildings, information and computer center, a library with a book fund of more than 1.5 million copies. There are 4 dormitories, a first-aid post, a sports club, an educational and laboratory base, new sports complex. 533 lecturers work at GSU, among theses there are Doctors of science, professors, candidates of science and docents.

More than 9 000 students are trained at the University, including more than 1000 foreign students from different countries. The University has 11 Faculties – Biology, Geology and Geography, History and Intercultural Communications, Foreign Languages, Mathematics and programming technologies, Physics and Information Technologies, Psychology and Pedagogy, Physical culture, Philology, Economics, Law Faculty and Institute Of Additional Education.

The University conducts fundamental, exploratory and applied research in 6 main areas that correspond to the profile of graduates and are formed on the basis of the List of priority areas of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activities of the Republic of Belarus for 2021-2025, approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 156 dated May 7, 2020.

The doors of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University are wide open for establishment of contacts with everyone interested in higher education at our University!
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January 18-21, 2023: 10:00 -17:00

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+375 29 182 78 44 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
Gomel, Sovetskaya Str.104
Tel.: +375 (232) 51-00-74, +375 (232) 31 31 78
E-mail: interaffairs@gsu.by
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