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Brest State A.S. Pushkin University is a contemporary of the Great Victory.

In 1945 BSSR Council of People's Commissars adopted a resolution approving the establishment of a teachers' institute. In 1949 the institute was named after A.S. Pushkin and in 1950 the resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers established Brest State Pedagogical institute, in 1995 renamed Brest State University (Brest State A.S. Pushkin University in 1999).

The university status preconditioned modifications in the quality of teaching, as well as in research and educational work. In the year 2020 BrSU celebrated its 75th anniversary. Today Brest State A.S. Pushkin University is the largest educational institution in Brest region, a centre of scientific research and cultural life of west Polesye. It has its own anthem, flag and emblem

On 3 May 2014 the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus issued an order appointing a Senior Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor Anna Nikolaevna Sender rector of Brest State A.S. Pushkin University.

The University occupies three academic buildings, with four halls of residence, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a library, museums of biology, ethnography, geology, history of physical culture and sport in Brest region, a winter garden, a perpetual florescence garden, agrobiological research and sports and fitness facilities. The departments are equipped with media centres; all university buildings provide wireless internet access.

The university consists of 10 departments: Philology, Psychology and Pedagogics, Social Pedagogics, Foreign Languages, Physical Education and Sport, Geography, Biology, History, Physics and Mathematics, Law. Pinsk College is a separate branch of the university.

Our university is well-known abroad due to its cooperation (teacher and student exchanges, joint scientific events and cultural projects) with numerous partner institutions of higher education.

More than 600 foreign students from Turkmenistan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan study at the university.

BrSU actively cooperates with foreign partners in the realization of Erasmus + and FOSTERC international projects and Exchange Programs.

Hotline working hours:
Mo.-Fr. 8:30-13:00, 14:00-17:30

Hotline messengers:
+375292106115 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
Telegram: https://t.me/intbrsu
Educational Establishment "Brest State A.S. Pushkin University"
Legal address (mailing details): 21, Kosmonavtov Boulevard, 224016 Brest, the Republic of Belarus
Phone: (375-162) 21-65-17
Fax: (375-162) 21-70-53
E-mail: box@brsu.brest.by
Website: http://www.brsu.by/
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